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Some meme tag thing
Facts about me:
1. I am a cat
2. I am male
3. I am vain, like all other cats
4. I am pissed off at this meme thing cause I did it twice already and my computer keeps crashing.
5. I am trained in sword, spear, shield, katana, chainsaw, fort, and stick.
6. I am ridiculously cute and intelligent.
7. I do, in fact, have an invisible hamburger
8. I was trained as a knight, but I spent much of my kittenhood in the library
9. Yo soy un gato
10. My fur is incredibly luxurious.
10.5. puuuurrrrr (belly rubs)
Natlie's questions: (read them on the original post)
1. I would either use one of my many other weapons, or let you guys fight back the enemy.
2. I can start a fire, which burns things, does that count?
3. I like anime from time to time. I prefer them with a good story and a darker tone. (Darker than BLACK, Baccano, FMA) I do not watch anime for the 'plot'.
4. What? 0_o
5. Most dangerous enemies: Final bosses duh, Most traumatizing enemies: zombie kittens Dumbest enemies: Anything that doesn
:iconask-nolegsebf:Ask-NoLegsEBF 1 2
Answers for 5 and 6
Ask NoLegs questions 5-6
Q5. ~KaoTheHedgehog However, how do you answer the question of being able to hold a sword and shield without any upper limbs? ~Ask-NatalieEBF How do cats use the computer?
A5. Meow meow meow. Mew mew meow. (Unfortunately, your human minds haven't been able to grasp the full science behind "telekinesis" yet. My species, like any other, followed the path of survival of the fittest. When we lost our legs, there were several different breeds of cats. One of these ancient feline packs happened to have recessive genes for psychic powers. These few survived and managed to repopulate the world with cats, all with the recessive gene, making all future cats capable of similar psychic powers. Because of this inbreeding however, our matter manipulating potential has reduced to areas in close proximity to our bodies.)
Q6.~Madame-Meepers How does it feel to have met your creator with your own eyes?
A6. Mew meow, meow. (How to explain it... think, f
:iconask-nolegsebf:Ask-NoLegsEBF 4 3
Answers for questions 3-4
Ask Nolegs answers 3-4
Q3 ~yasmyn64 How do u met Matt & Natalie? and *kittimitti How did you live before you met the crew?
A3 Meow. Mew meow, meow meow meow. Meow meow. (Oh wow, the Nostalgia these questions present to me. Well, to start off, I was a knight of the Kitten Kingdom. After my initiation to their ranks, I was quickly detached to undergo a suicide mission, one that no other cat would dare face. "The Kitten Game". After finishing that arduous journey and building up pain tolerance, I had decided to train myself in the way of the blade. This would technically be my first encounter with the man named Matt. So, I was on my 12th win in a row when I had encountered him. I drew my trusty knife and charged, only after the fact had I realized I was in several pieces... I got better. After that humiliating defeat I had decided to extract me vengeance. I trained and rose in ranks among the Kitten order until I was in charge of my own slime tank. Eventually my path once ag
:iconask-nolegsebf:Ask-NoLegsEBF 11 9
Answers for questions 1-2
Answers! 1-2
Q1. *PtolemaiosLS why Matt had to rescue you in every level of adventure story? or was just a coincidence you were on the ending of each level?
A1. Meow, meow mew, meow. (Well good sir, that is actually a common misconception on the player's part. After Lance had kidnapped Natalie, I went strait away to try and rescue her myself. Matt, being the human that he is, was slow and forced me to take a break at the end of each level and wait for him to catch up. I did try fighting Lance head on, but that clever  scoundrel had placed some catnip right in front of the Beholder's layer, causing me to get caught in the process. After that I simply left Matt to do all the fighting, and went ahead to help Natalie.)
Q2. ~Ask-AnnaEBF How can you move around the world, seeing as you have no legs? (pun not intended) It makes me worry for you.
A2. Purr, meow meow. mew. (Do not worry, Anna. After years of losing our legs, my species has discovered other methods of loco
:iconask-nolegsebf:Ask-NoLegsEBF 7 37
Ask Nolegs!
Ask me stuff.
Meow (Ask as much as you want)
Lovely Askers
1 and 2. *PtolemaiosLS and Ask-AnnaEBF
3 and 4. *kittimitti and ~yasmyn64, and ~AskLanceEBF
5 and 6. ~KaoTheHedgehog ~Ask-NatalieEBF and ~Madame-Meepers
Edit: I will answer these in groups of 2's, to lower post count.
:iconask-nolegsebf:Ask-NoLegsEBF 3 21
Rules on what and how to ask No Legs
Rules on what and how to ask Nolegs.
1 Meow. (Do not Spam)
2 Meow meow Meow. (I will only answer stuff that is asked on the page that I ask you to ask me stuff.)
3 Meow meow. (I will appear randomly, do not expect me to answer immediately.)
4 Meow. (please be appropriate)
5 Meow. (Most humans are blessed with a thing called common sense, use it.)
Meow, Meow, meow. (that is about all I can think of, have a good day.)
:iconask-nolegsebf:Ask-NoLegsEBF 3 14




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I am a cat. I has no legs.


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